Letter A: A is for Apples

This week is all about the letter A and Apples!   Preschool is all about play and exploring so just take some of the ideas and run with them.  Use the books to help talk about apples.  Be sure to use a variety of fiction and non-fiction books as you read to your preschoolers.

You can download my entire Letter A curriculum for free here.


Recommended Books:

Ten Apples Up On Top!, Dr. Seuss
I am an Apple, Jean Marzollo
Apple Farmer Annie,Monica Wellington
Apple Pie ABCs, Alison Murray
An Apple’s Life, Nancy Dickmann
Apples, Apples, Apples, Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Apples, Apples!, Salina Yoon
Autumn is for Apples, Michelle Knudsen
Apples, Jacqueline Farmer
5 Little Apples, Yusuke Yonezu


10 Little Apples
Sung to the tune of “10 Little Indians”
1 little, 2 little, 3 little apples
4 little, 5 little, 6, little apples
7 little, 8 little, 9 little apples
10 apples in a tree.


These are a few of the activity ideas.  There are more ideas and printables in my downloadable packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.

  1. Apple Sorting (Science/Math)
    • Buy different types of apples. Talk about the different colors, shapes and sizes. Sort the apples by color and size. Cut them up and taste the difference.
  2. Cooking with Apples
  3. Letter A Hunt (Reading)
    • Look around the house or in a magazine for things that begin with the letter a. Make a letter A collection. You can write the words down on a piece of paper or index cards. You can take pictures of the letter A items and print them out to make a book.
    • Another option for a letter A hunt is to go for a walk in the supermarket, mall or around the neighborhood. Look for as many As as you can.
    • My preschooler used a USA map puzzle and we searched for the letter A in all of the state name.  Just go with what your kids are interested in and use that to engage their mind.  Always look for teachable moments.
  4. Letter A tracing (Writing)



Other Resources


A Few of My Favorite Things

Below you will find my preschool classroom must-haves.  Stock up your preschool classroom with these items and you will not be disappointed!

  • White Boards
    • I love using white boards as a teaching tool. And kids LOVE writing on whiteboards. We have several that we use— one big white easel-style board used for small groups and individual writing practice. These can be purchased online as well as at Toys R Us. We also use small personal white boards for letter and drawing practice. I use old (but clean) socks as erasers. You can buy these anywhere (WalMart, Target, teaching supply stores) or made them using masonite from building supply stores.
  • Flannel Board
    • Flannel boards are great for story-telling, songs and chants and for counting practice. You can make anything into a flannel project by adding flannel to the back.
  • Sensory Bin
    • Using a large tub or a sand/water table, create a sensory bin. You can fill it with sand, rice, beans, etc. You’ll see ideas each week for a sensory bin and these can just be added to your sensory bin fillers.
  • ABC stamps
    • My kids and preschoolers have LOVED using alphabet stamps. I have the Melissa and Doug ABC stamps but any set will do. These are great for art projects, journaling or just exploring with letters.003557_1


  • Instruments
    • Again, here is my Melissa and Doug plug— but I love their instrument kit. I used it for preschool everyday during our music time. Students would trade and play different instruments as we explored rhythm.


  • Counting Items
    • These can be found at school supply stores and I’ve even seen them at Walmart. They are just items in a tub that can be used for counting (bears, blocks, cubes, circles, etc.).
  • Music
    • Here are some of my favorite artists and/or albums for children’s music:
      • Disney Junior songs AND Disney Silly Songs
      • Rockin’ the Schoolhouse, by Billy Gorilly
      • Country Blues for Kids, by Victor Johnson
      • Artist: Elizabeth Mitchell
      • Artist: Caspar Babypants
      • Top 20 Color and Sing Happy Songs (Clifford Songs)
      • Top 20 Color and Sing Friendly Songs (Clifford Songs)
      • Free music from KidsMusicWeb.com
      • Carnival of the Animals (for Children)
      • Baby Instrumental Lullabies (you can find popular song in lullaby format on iTunes)
  • Other supplies
    – Glue—glue sticks, white glue and hot glue gun
    – Scissors—child scissors and adult scissors
    – Popsicle sticks
    – Construction paper— you can buy large packs of construction paper at most Hobby Lobby stores
    – Assorted colors of tissue paper
    – Toilet paper rolls
    – Brads
    – Stapler
    – Tape
    – Glitter
    – Paints: Watercolor and poster paint
    – Easel paper— I buy mine at IKEA for around $5/roll.
    – Ribbon
    – Crayons, markers and colored pencils
    – Play dough
    – Legos
    – Magnetic Letters AND/OR ABC blocks