A Few of My Favorite Things

Below you will find my preschool classroom must-haves.  Stock up your preschool classroom with these items and you will not be disappointed!

  • White Boards
    • I love using white boards as a teaching tool. And kids LOVE writing on whiteboards. We have several that we use— one big white easel-style board used for small groups and individual writing practice. These can be purchased online as well as at Toys R Us. We also use small personal white boards for letter and drawing practice. I use old (but clean) socks as erasers. You can buy these anywhere (WalMart, Target, teaching supply stores) or made them using masonite from building supply stores.
  • Flannel Board
    • Flannel boards are great for story-telling, songs and chants and for counting practice. You can make anything into a flannel project by adding flannel to the back.
  • Sensory Bin
    • Using a large tub or a sand/water table, create a sensory bin. You can fill it with sand, rice, beans, etc. You’ll see ideas each week for a sensory bin and these can just be added to your sensory bin fillers.
  • ABC stamps
    • My kids and preschoolers have LOVED using alphabet stamps. I have the Melissa and Doug ABC stamps but any set will do. These are great for art projects, journaling or just exploring with letters.003557_1


  • Instruments
    • Again, here is my Melissa and Doug plug— but I love their instrument kit. I used it for preschool everyday during our music time. Students would trade and play different instruments as we explored rhythm.


  • Counting Items
    • These can be found at school supply stores and I’ve even seen them at Walmart. They are just items in a tub that can be used for counting (bears, blocks, cubes, circles, etc.).
  • Music
    • Here are some of my favorite artists and/or albums for children’s music:
      • Disney Junior songs AND Disney Silly Songs
      • Rockin’ the Schoolhouse, by Billy Gorilly
      • Country Blues for Kids, by Victor Johnson
      • Artist: Elizabeth Mitchell
      • Artist: Caspar Babypants
      • Top 20 Color and Sing Happy Songs (Clifford Songs)
      • Top 20 Color and Sing Friendly Songs (Clifford Songs)
      • Free music from KidsMusicWeb.com
      • Carnival of the Animals (for Children)
      • Baby Instrumental Lullabies (you can find popular song in lullaby format on iTunes)
  • Other supplies
    – Glue—glue sticks, white glue and hot glue gun
    – Scissors—child scissors and adult scissors
    – Popsicle sticks
    – Construction paper— you can buy large packs of construction paper at most Hobby Lobby stores
    – Assorted colors of tissue paper
    – Toilet paper rolls
    – Brads
    – Stapler
    – Tape
    – Glitter
    – Paints: Watercolor and poster paint
    – Easel paper— I buy mine at IKEA for around $5/roll.
    – Ribbon
    – Crayons, markers and colored pencils
    – Play dough
    – Legos
    – Magnetic Letters AND/OR ABC blocks

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